Back in the 1970s, Selma, in Fresno County, California, “The Raisin Capital of the World” had heavy rains just as its grapes were lying out to dry. Think of thousands of tons of soggy, rotting raisins. A major cereal company that used raisins in its products suddenly had to spend millions finding a new supply. Later that year, a vice president for the companywas in charge of finding an advisor to warn them ahead of time if weather disasters threatened their bottom line.

He found Dr. Iben Browning, a scientist with degrees in physics, math, chemistry and a PhD in biology. Dr. Browning was one of the CIA’s top scientists, able to coordinate scientists and scientific disciplines. However, his real passion was weather and the new discipline of climatology. The company gave Browning a contract and our business was born.


In 1974, among his many speaking and consulting engagements, Dr. Browning met James Fraser, publisher, financial advisor and organizer of the Contrarian Opinion Forum. The two men shared a deep friendship as well as a strong belief in sharing research and information, while stating the truth as they saw it, whether it was politically fashionable or not. Fraser suggested that Browning should write a newsletter and his company would publish and distribute it. The two shared a handshake and the Browning Newsletter™ , now Browning World Climate Bulletin™ was born. Forty years later, we are still sharing unbiased research, information and analysis. We continue to help our clients be prepared and proactive against weather disasters.


Here at Browning Media LLC, we still share our passion for weather. For three generations, weather and climate have been our business. At night, Dr. Browning would tell bedtime stories of weather to his daughter – it really puts a child to sleep. As children, both his daughter and grandson worked on weather projects. We grew up learning the complex history and combination of sciences needed to understand the patterns and changes of climate. Each generation contributed their piece of the puzzle: Dr. Browning – the multitude of sciences, Evelyn Browning-Garriss – the history and anthropology of how climate change affected societies and economies and James Garriss – the international impact and the effect on industry and economies.


Evelyn Browning-Garriss

Evelyn Browning Garriss is a renowned historical climatologist who has been the author of The Browning Newsletter™ /Browning World Climate Bulletin™ for more than 25 years. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business News Network, Canada’s Globe and Mail, Financial Sense and numerous other media outlets, earning her titles such as “The Weather Lady” and “The Weather Whisperer”. She has given presentations from Beijing and Singapore to London and Frankfurt as well as throughout North and Latin America on climate and its impact on agriculture, energy and business.

With degrees in history and anthropology as well as a lifetime of working with scientists, her focus details how weather and climate affect people. She’s far more interested in nature than the politics of climate change and firmly believes climate change is happening but that the process is very complex. She looks at natural factors of the weather, using ocean currents, volcanic activity and natural cycles to determine patterns in the future. Her North American clients range from farmers, ranchers, insurance companies and utilities to landscapers, energy producers, wildlife preserves and emergency response teams. Internationally she has advised multinational banks, government leaders and investors throughout Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Canada and down the streets of New York. Mixing pragmatism, humor and the latest scientific findings, Evelyn specializes in providing clear useful advice, reports and presentations to the global clients of Browning Media.


James J. Garriss

James began his career with The Browning Newsletter when he was four years old, photocopying jet stream maps from the stacks of various University of New Mexico libraries. He has now been a partner in the business for more than 6 years. As the third generation in the business, he is helping to lead a new direction in historical climatology, bringing a fresh economic perspective to the company.

With an academic background in international business, he is a writer, editor and researcher for Browning Media LLC, helping to present accurate climatological projections for a myriad of U.S. and international agricultural, financial, insurance and energy companies. He has worked and studied in multiple countries, becoming business fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. James now presents an enhanced international perspective to weather, climate, and its impact around the globe.

Alex Seagle

Alex Seagle has worked with Evelyn Browning-Garriss and The Browning Newsletter for over 10 years, handling distribution and marketing of the newsletter, as well as facilitating and scheduling speaking and consulting engagements.

David Thorson

David is responsible for developing and managing client relationships and expanding our customer base. His career includes 22 years of diverse senior management, marketing, finance and business development experience, with particular expertise in evaluating and developing new business opportunities.