The Browning World Climate Bulletin™

Our monthly bulletin allows clients from all over the world to prepare for upcoming weather and climate events. Easy to understand and quick to follow, the Browning World climate Bulletin allows our clients to be proactive and not reactive to upcoming events.

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Valuable Content

The Browning World Climate Bulletin™ is a monthly publication consisting of 8 image-rich pages addressing 2-3 major climate topics of particular interest or concern in North America and around the world. The climate forecasts generally address a 3-24 month future timeframe. Other topics of interest, such as climate-related news stories, are addressed in the context of our long-term historical perspective. A diverse set of subscribers benefit from our information and insights:

Agricultural Professionals

  • Drought and flood risk location
  • Commodity short and long-term effects
  • High and low-yield crop variability
  • Global outlook and its influence on localized crops
  • Economic influence on crop prices
  • Multiyear regional outlook


  • Herd and feed planning based on regional climate risk
  • Short and long-term water risk on grazing lands
  • Meat price differentials based on upcoming climate possibilities

Investment Professionals

  • Regions for investment and divestment
  • Industries and technologies of interest
  • Commodities supply and demand planning
  • Real estate valuations

Mining and Extraction

  • Inventory planning
  • Investment analysis
  • Logistics planning
  • Mine location short and long-term climate risks

Gas, Oil, and Energy

  • Water and Environmental risk analysis
  • Climate trends on cooling and heating
  • Drought and flood risk
  • Oceanic and volcanic influence


  • Vacation marketing planning
  • Caribbean hurricane analysis
  • International climate trends analysis on the travel

Premier Subscription

Subscribers to our Premier subscription are invited to monthly conference calls where a slide show of enhanced content is reviewed and analyzed in more detail. After each call, there is an interactive 15-minute question and answer session so that subscribers can get analysis on specific areas of interest to them and benefit from the thoughts and questions of other participants. Premier subscribers are also able to submit their questions by email in advance to facilitate enhanced content. Of course, the Premier subscription also includes digital and print access to the monthly Browning World Climate Bulletin™.

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What Our Clients Say About The Browning World Climate Bulletin™

If you are interested in agricultural commodities, The Browning Newsletter is a must-read publication. Weather is the key variable, and Evelyn Browning-Garriss is ahead of the curve on climate change…whatever its causes.

David Fuller (The Fullermoney Global Strategy Service)

She was writing months ago about the weather that we see today. It is only $250 a year, which is cheap for what it offers, at least in my opinion.

John Mauldin (Forbes)

Evelyn Browning Garriss of The Browning Newsletter is one of the most accurate and sought-after weather forecasters on earth. Bay and Wall Streets use her forecasts to help determine how everything from flight patterns to natural gas consumption will be affected. That in turn affects their investment decisions.
Business News Network of Canada

Evelyn Browning-Garriss is a weather whisperer who advises everyone from Texas cattle raisers to vineyards and Canadian banks about what the coming season will bring. Guessing even tomorrow’s weather is tricky, but the New Mexico climatologist’s long-term forecasts are right on the money, her clients say.

Tavia Grant (Toronto Globe & Mail)

When Evelyn Browning Garriss at The Browning Newsletter speaks, we listen. We’ve learned to do so. History has taught us that. “Browning” is one of the better, long-term weather forecasting reports we read on a consistent basis.

Dennis Gartman (The Gartman Letter)

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Formerly called the Browning Newsletter™, the World Climate Bulletin™ is our flagship monthly 8-page, full-color publication that examines 2-3 current and upcoming climate and weather topics within North America and around the world.

Published for over 40 years, the bulletin is content and image-rich and includes several news clips of recent interesting climate events.

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