Discussing Natural Climate Trends in Speaking Engagements

For over 40 years, the Browning World Climate Bulletin has offered insight and understanding of short and long-term climate and its impact on regions, industries, and societies. In that time, we have learned that when most people and companies think of weather and climate, there are two concepts that usually come to mind.

  1. What’s the weather like outside my home?
  2. Global Warming

While both concepts capture local and international interest, natural climate rarely makes headlines. El Niño and La Niña, Jet Streams and Oceanic Oscillations, Arctic movement, and localized wind patterns all create weather and climate that impacts business and industry. Our unique and one-of-a-kind presentations help to explain natural climate trends so that your attendees can prepare for upcoming prospective weather. The early knowledge of the influences of climate abnormalities allows for better actions and investments to be made, ensuring better opportunities and a higher chance of avoiding disaster.

We can create a presentation for any industry or cover any region in person or over a streaming platform of your choice. They are full color, interactive, and always get an audience talking. Contact us, and we can discuss what would work best for you.